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Reading, Berkshire

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Little Steps Dance Tuition

Easy access for primary school children to the fun and health of dance

What Is Little Steps About?

What Do We Do ?


The objective of Little Steps is to  provide easy access for children of all abilities to the fun environment of Ballroom and Latin dance and its acknowledged health benefits.

We operate an all inclusive policy.

Why Do We Do It ?


The government acknowledges that obesity is a growing health concern and one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the UK.  Obese kids become obese adults.


The NHS advise that regular dancing is great for; losing weight, developing strong bones, posture, muscle strength, balance and co-ordination. 


Dancing with others helps us feel more connected socially which is a key factor in improving our mood and mental health.  It helps children build confidence and reduce anxiety and stress.

How Do We Do It ?

The Little Steps Team helps schools to start or consolidate their own lunch and after-school dance clubs, or run sessions as part of the school curriculum. 


We also run workshops during the school holidays.


For those individuals who wish to take their interest further, we have direct links with local dance schools.