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Little Steps Dance Tuition

Easy access for primary school children to the fun and health of dance

testimonials - Adults

Kim - Adult Dancer

I love it, love it, love it and love them! 

I’ve danced elsewhere before but never did I feel as comfortable as I do with Rob and Anne. We learn, we laugh, we laugh some more and then we dance - that is the greatest feeling. Here’s to dance and you, Rob and Anne.

Lorraine - Adult Dancer

Wednesdays are no longer hump days. I look forward to them with excitement knowing I have dancing with Rob and Anne. Fun, energetic dance lessons with excellent teachers who take you through the moves in a calm and patient manner and enjoy celebrating your success and achievements. Since we have joined the lessons we have not only been able to learn Ballroom and Latin dances but have made a dancing family that support each other through both fun and tough times.

Dorinda - Adult Dancer

After watching Strictly Come Dancing year after year. I always said the same thing 'I wish I could dance like that!'. Finally, I decided to do something about it. Rob and Anne invited me to come along to their Little Steps dance session for adults and I was wowed.

With their expert teaching and great patience, I have gone from a complete non-dancer to being able to dance a basic cha cha cha, waltz, samba, jive and more.

My Wednesday nights put a huge smile on my face. Dancing is not only good for your physical health but fab for your mental health too. My Wednesday night dance family mean a lot to me and that's all thanks to our great teachers, Anne and Rob.

Testimonials - Children


 St Dominic Savio Latin and Ballroom Dance club has been an important part of our daughter E…’s life since she had the opportunity to join in year 4. As a shy child, dance club has greatly increased her confidence because she has gained so many skills - how to learn the steps, to follow the music and the rhythm, to dance with other people and communicate well with them and to be part of a team - not forgetting the opportunity to dress up and put on fancy shoes - who does not enjoy that!! Her posture has improved and so has her coordination and she is more graceful than we would expect for her age. The atmosphere is fun and positive and she is always learning new dances and steps and has even had the opportunity to take part in a dance competition. However, and most importantly, E… has a great time at dance club and always come out smiling (and dancing!).


  My daughter has grown in confidence over her time at dance club. She has found a passion for the jive and samba that she brings to our home, the shops and the street! She has been able to learn new skills and demonstrate these in fantastically organised competitions where she has felt pride in what she has achieved and how she has progressed. During the start of yr 6 when struggling with friendships and lessons she had dance club to look forward too and give her a focus to make her week brighter.
I could not recommend dance club any higher, Anne and Rob go above and beyond for the children to learn new skills in such a fabulous and fun way.
Thank you to you both. 


  I just wanted to thank the school for organising such interesting and ‘unique’ learning opportunities.

The dancing classes for year 3 have been excellent fun but also greatly educational and have stimulated interest in an activity that our son would just not have had exposure to from clubs he goes to outside of school. The information he conveys to us about the class is always positive – he is able to impress us by demonstrating dances and steps that we could definitely not teach him ourselves and he is able to appreciate talents of pupils who have had more practice at this. He is also captivated by the challenge and the way the classes are taught with a recognition of effort etc. each week and even a competition between houses which for him is a motivating teaching method.

So thank you to everyone involved and I hope these kind of opportunities are able to continue for other pupils to benefit from too. 


  E…. . loves the Latin and Ballroom Dancing Club at school. This provides an excellent alternative form of exercise which plays to some of her strengths like memory and helps her coordination, whereas she often finds it difficult to access school PE lessons. She gets a lot of benefit from the social and teamwork aspects.

Year 5

Thank you for teaching me something that I love to do. I really enjoy dancing so thank you for giving me that opportunity and making me believe that I can do it.

I think you are very, very good (by the way your dance partner is beautiful and if she is your wife I am sorry I didn't know) - Year 5

Mr. James Broadbridge, Head Teacher

 Yesterday our school hall was converted into the Blackpool Tower Ballroom! It truly was an original and magical afternoon. 


 My daughter thoroughly enjoys her  dancing lessons with Anne and Rob. She seems to gravitate to both her instructors with ease. 

They,  Anne and Rob, both have a strong sense of responsibility for the care and health of their students. The correctness of styles taught reflects on all the awards she has won. Yet, the balance of fun and love for the sport is clearly visible on the students faces when they leave the studio. I have known both instructors for a while and can, without hesitation, highly recommend Little Steps.